Quote IconThe theaters of the future will be bigger and more beautiful than ever before. They will employ expensive presentation formats that cannot be accessed or reproduced in the home (such as, ironically, film prints). And they will still enjoy exclusivity, as studios relearn the tremendous economic value of the staggered release of their products.
The projects that most obviously lend themselves to such distinctions are spectacles. But if history is any guide, all genres, all budgets will follow. Because the cinema of the future will depend not just on grander presentation, but on the emergence of filmmakers inventive enough to command the focused attention of a crowd for hours.
These new voices will emerge just as we despair that there is nothing left to be discovered. As in the early ’90s, when years of bad multiplexing had soured the public on movies, and a young director named Quentin Tarantino ripped through theaters with a profound sense of cinema’s past and an instinct for reclaiming cinema’s rightful place at the head of popular culture.
Never before has a system so willingly embraced the radical teardown of its own formal standards. But no standards means no rules. Whether photochemical or video-based, a film can now look or sound like anything.
It’s unthinkable that extraordinary new work won’t emerge from such an open structure. That’s the part I can’t wait for.
Christopher Nolan, “Films of the Future Will Still Draw People to Theaters”. (via fuckyeahdirectors)

(Source: firstshowing.net)


Strange Factories bullseye - Scalarama Poster - Bristol Edition - 2014

Strange Factories screens as part of Scalarama and Heritage Open Days at the Curzon Community Cinema Clevedon on the 13th of September at 7pm. Tickets Available now.

“The production fuses the haunting, authentic dreamworlds of David Lynch
and the theatrical philosophies of Antonin Artaud….to create a vivid and
disturbing reality to powerfully draw in the audience.” — Nick Dawson,
Filmmaker Magazine Fall 2013 Issue

"There is another version of you, the one who stole all of the right choices" - Stronheim

Scalarama and Curzon Cinema Clevedon presents Strange Factories; an immersive screening of a haunted film by the infamous Stronheim as part of this years Heritage Open Days.

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Strange Factories at Making Waves Film Festival


The Making Waves Film Festival launched on the 28th of July at the magical Kings Theatre.

We’re very proud to be part of the line up for the 2014 festival and excited to screen and manifest Strange Factories at the stunning location where we shot some of the most important story elements of the film.